Collaborative Photo Albums

Albumm is the simplest way to create collaborative photo albums. Simply invite friends and family to join an albumm and your photos will automatically be saved and organized across every iPhone.



Create an albumm to collect and save photos of events or great moments.


Invite friends and family to your albumm for them to see it and add photos to it.


Find the albumm in your Camera Roll automatically sorted by albumm name.

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Albumm is designed and built with ❤ in Copenhagen by a small dedicated team. Our passion is to build apps we love to use ourselves and something you will enjoy.

If you have any ideas, feedback or just want to hang out and drink a beer - get in touch. We are friendly and good fun.

Tips, tricks and FAQ

Where can I find all my photos?

All photos in all your albumms are saved directly to the Photos app on your iPhone organized by albumm name.

How are photos shared?

Photos taken with Albumm will be shared in real-time with members of the specific albumm and everyone's photos will automatically go directly to the designated album in your Camera Roll. You will never need to ask friends to send photos again.

How do I invite friends and family?

You can invite people to join your albumm the second you have created one in Albumm. Or later on, just as you please. You don’t even have to be the owner of an albumm to invite friends. Photos are meant to be shared!

When people join an albumm, will they then get all photos taken up until they join?

Yes of course! No one should miss out on great moments just because they’re late to the party!

I checked 'no' when asked if Albumm can use my pictures.

No worries - you just have to go to Settings > Privacy > Photos. From here find Albumm and tick the button 'ON' so that Albumm can use your photos. This should do the trick and you'll be ready to share photos with Albumm.

Can I use my photos outside of Albumm?

Sure! Because Albumm pushes photos and albumms to your iPhone’s Photos app, you’ll just have do as you normally do. This out-of-app functionality and convenience gives you totally hassle-free sync to your preferred viewer or backup provider, e.g. Flickr or Picasa, iCloud or Dropbox.

What’s the difference between albumms and albums?

That’s easy: Albumms are albumms in Albumm. Albums are albums in iOS’ Photos app. Albumms automatically become albums in your Camera Roll. Confused?! Don’t be - just use Albumm to take photos and Albumm handles everything from there!

Can I delete a photo?

Albumm pushes every photo to all members of an albumm immediately, so you can only delete photos in your own Camera Roll. It's not possible to delete or withdraw shared photos from the iPhones of other albumm members.

Can I use cellular data to sync my photos?

Yes. Albumm uses wifi when available and as default cellular data if your iPhone isn’t connected to a wifi. You can turn off use of cellular data in Albumm’s settings, this will keep Albumm from syncing photos until you’re connected to a wifi or turns cellular data back on.

How do I regain/change password if I have forgotten my existing one?

Just follow the link ‘Forgot Password?’ at the Sign in-screen in the Albumm app.

Can I like or comment on photos in Albumm?

Albumm is mostly a photo app, so as for now you can’t comment or like photos. If you want us to include this feature in a later version, let us know!

Can I take all the photos I want?

Almost! Every albumm has a limit of 500 photos. For most albumms this will probably be more than enough, but if you reach the limit, just create another albumm - and keep sharing those great moments!

How do I report inappropriate content or users?

If you find inappropriate content or feel offended by the content shared by other users, you can report the content or user by using this e-mail: . We will look into every report immediately.

Why do photos go to both an album and Camera Roll in my Photos app?

For a photo to become part of an album in the Photos app, it needs to be in the Camera Roll.